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Climbing in Poland
KWW, 23.07.2003 16:13 Autor: Teppo Saarenpää
Hello,First of all I hope that this message has come to somewhat correct place and somebody could give me an advice on following things:I am a finnish climber who is coming to southern Poland to Gliwice this autumn to work there for three months. I would very much like to do as much climbing as possible during my visit there. Problem is that I don't have any climbing partners yet. So if anybody could give me advice on contacts or how to get started I would appreciate it.I will be staying in Gliwice from start of september to end of november. My main interests are in rock climbing and mountaineering.Thank you,Teppo
KWW, 21.08.2003 06:54 Autor: Ania Chinka
Hi, I've just come back from Taiwan where I was living for one year and climbing!!! I could climb there because I found great climbing friends. Don't worry, there are a lot of climbers in Poland , too. I'm from Warsaw (quite far from Gliwice) but we can climb somewhere together (Jura?). Just send me an e-mail: [email protected] careAnna
KWW, 24.07.2003 10:55 Autor: Starosta
KWW, 24.07.2003 11:16 Autor: Kuba
Check this site - it is about climbing around Gliwice:http://www.climbing.eu.org/start.htmFor other sites about climbing in Poland (in general) see:www.wspinanie.plwww.redpoint.pdi.pl (a lot of topo links concerning climbing in Poland)From the climber's point of view Gliwice is not the worst place to spent 3 months :-)All the Best Kuba